Exciting News from our sister projects: GEPARD Erasmus+ project’s toolkit launch!

The aim of the GEPARD project is to create equal opportunities for women and men in the academic environment. For that purpose, we are preparing the system of actions functioning as a part of organizational policy. The actions will be aimed at eliminating gender-based discrimination (among both the employees and the students) and simultaneously strive to increase diversity in the academic environment.

The project is realized as a part of the international consortium consisting of higher education institutions from Poland, Austria, Hungary, Cyprus and Malta and an Italian enterprise closely connected with the academic environment. Consortium activities are supported by the associated partner institutions.

The toolkit: Paths to equality (a set of information and educational materials)
a toolkit with guideposts showing good practices and procedures on how to close gender gaps in an academic context


Project Coordinator

Hungarian University of Agriculture
and Life Sciences (MATE)

Julianna Kobolak