Professor women can be role models not only in science but for work-life balance as well

On November 16th, MATE hosted a round table discussion for the AGRIGEP project with the participation of four professor women from the same institution. During the discussion, we presented their scientific and teaching successes, but we also asked them about their career paths and the challenges they had to face. We discussed the importance of equal opportunities during their careers, the challenges of universities and research institutions in attracting and retaining students, and the challenges of a long-term career in research and teaching.
The professors shared their values and experiences, emphasizing the importance of family, friends, supportive colleagues, and role models. They agreed that empathetic, goal-oriented, and persistent women leaders play a crucial role in these fields. They also discussed the importance of communication, patience, empathy, and personalized career support to attract or retain young people in higher education teaching and research. Despite the challenges and reduced social recognition, the professors felt that their work was rewarding and worthy.
The discussion was light-hearted and showed a personal side to these outstanding personalities, making them worthy role models for us all. In the next quarterly edition of this discussion series, we plan to invite young women entrepreneurs from the other side of the innovation chain to share their views on the challenges and successes of their careers.


Project Coordinator

Hungarian University of Agriculture
and Life Sciences (MATE)

Julianna Kobolak