Inclusive Science: Redesigned Scientific Excellence for Sustainable Futures
7-8 October 2024 – University of Porto

At a glance
During an inspiring four-year journey, seven large multidisciplinary universities from all over Europe delved into groundbreaking research, passionately engaging at both local and national levels to confront the intricate challenge of Gender Equality in Research Institutions from a diversity perspective. They designed and implemented a user-centered, impact-driven, and inclusive vision of scientific excellence. The final conference will showcase the outcomes of four years scientific actions in 6 different European countries and present various aspects of research and case studies in social fields to:

Ensure that educational opportunities in science are accessible to all, regardless of Gender.
Promote representation of diverse voices and perspectives in scientific literature, ensuring that research findings reflect a broader range of experiences and contexts.
Advocate and implement policies in collaboration with national policy makers that promote diversity, equity, and inclusion within scientific institutions.
Become a part of the journey toward inclusivity and equitable excellence. We invite all researchers to contribute to the path of change through their studies and scientific fields of interest.

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Project Coordinator

Hungarian University of Agriculture
and Life Sciences (MATE)

Julianna Kobolak