Enhancing Collaboration and Mobilising Change: Insights from AGRIGEP Mutual Learning Sessions

Between April 4 and May 28, AGRIGEP partners participated in a series of three dynamic online mutual learning sessions designed to enhance collaboration and exchange inspiring practices, coordinated by YW. The sessions aimed at addressing key challenges in the implementation of partners’ GEPs and fostering a hands-on approach to problem-solving and implementation strategies. Participants shared practical strategies tailored to the specific contexts of each AGRIGEP implementing partner. AGRIGEP mentor partners, YW, UPC, and NaTE, enriched these discussions by sharing insights drawn from their extensive experience.  

Session on Work-Life Balance and Organisational Culture 

This first session focused on the thematic area of work-life balance and organisational culture. Participants shared insights of their internal activities addressing this area, including the psychological counselling center at UP, the creation and expansion of childcare services at CZU, and the provision of support and kindergarten services for staff with young children at MATE. These discussions highlighted additional services and flexible work arrangements that have been instrumental in fostering a supportive work environment. Administrative staff members from the implementing partners’ institution contributed further details on the practical implementation of these initiatives, enhancing the richness of the discourse. 

Session on Students’ Mobilisation as a Target Group/Enablers of Structural Change  

The second mutual learning session underscored the importance of empowering students as agents of change within universities. Partners discussed the challenges faced but also the proactive efforts undertaken to engage students as change agents for structural change.  

Session on Stakeholders’ Mobilisation 

The last session focused on the mobilisation of key stakeholders groups, particularly targeting middle and top management. Discussions centered on identifying both challenges and windows of opportunities to enhance their efforts.  

Across all sessions, partners had the opportunity to delve deeper into specific challenges, sharing solutions and learning from one another in smaller, focused groups. These interactions fostered a robust collaborative spirit and have also equipped AGRIGEP partners with strategic insights crucial for driving forward their agendas. 

Next steps 

The next round of mutual learning sessions will be coordinated by UPC, aiming to continue the momentum of sharing inspiration for the next steps of the institutional change undertaken at each university.


Project Coordinator

Hungarian University of Agriculture
and Life Sciences (MATE)

Julianna Kobolak